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Kwik Klip Pin Basting Tool

Kwik Klip Pin Basting Tool
Item #:101PJC

End sore fingers and reduce basting time!

Kwik Klip is the perfect tool for basting quilts with safety pins.

Using Kwik Klip safety pins close effortlessly preventing broken nails stuck fingers and the familiar painful indentations in fingers caused by closing hundreds of safety pins.

The unique handle design helps those with arthritic hands to baste without pain.

Also removes safety pins faster and easier.

Made with an ergonomic hardwood handle and a solid machined brass tip.

Safety pins open and close effortlessly with the Kwik Klip.

Basting is easier for those with arthritic hands to baste without pain

Reduces basting time and helps end quilt layers from bunching.

Made in U.S.A.




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