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Exclusive OESD Stabilizer Smarts Bundle Box

OESD Stabilizer Smarts Bundle Box
Item #:SIS304BB10

Convenient Stitch it! Sisters Bundle Box featuring four OESD must-have stabilizers every embroider should keep on hand to embroider virtually any project!

Exclusive Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design (OESD) Stabilizer Bundle Box includes four essential and versatile machine embroidery stabilizers, including one each: CutAway, TearAway, WashAway, and HeatAway; plus a Zippered Polyweave Storage Pouch, and one Stitch it! Sisters' Sticker.

Exclusive Convenient Bundle Box contents:
OESD Polymesh CutAway Stabilizer, 10" x 10 yd. Roll
OESD Medium Weight TearAway Stabilizer, 10" x 10 yd. Roll
OESD AquaMesh WashAway Stabilizer, 10" x 10 yd. Roll
OESD Heat2Go Topping Specialty Stabilizer, 12" x 10 yd. Roll
Zippered Polyweave Storage Pouch, 12" x 16"
Stitch it! Sisters' Sticker

Beautiful machine embroidery results begin with choosing the right stabilizer for your project.

Stabilizer is the foundation for a successful embroidery project it stabilizes the fabric and keeps it from moving, puckering, or stretching while embroidering.

Stabilizer keeps the stitches looking good after embroidery by adding stability to the fabric.

Without a stabilizer (or too little stabilizer), embroidery designs will have puckers, holes in the fabric, and alignment problems, like gapping between the fills and the outlines of the designs.

OESD Polymesh CutAway Stabilizer
This stabilizer provides optimum support and resists stretching!
Eliminates pulling or sagging of embroidery designs.
Use when strength is needed to hold embroidery stitches through washing and wearing of lightweight items.
Soft but very strong used to stabilize fabrics like knits, sweater knits, or lightweight wovens to maintain softness.
Semi-transparent excellent for use with thinner fabrics to prevent show-through of stabilizer.
The soft hand and soft finish makes this cut away stabilizer comfortable next to skin and prevents skin irritation
Securely holds embroidery stitches on garments or projects through repeated washing and wearing.
1.5 oz
10" x 10 yd. Roll

OESD Medium Weight TearAway Stabilizer
A high quality, medium weight tear away for use with medium to high stitch count designs
Tears away easily and cleanly in all directions
Suitable for stable fabrics without stretch.
Use on tightly woven fabrics such as quilt fabrics, poly/cotton fabrics, canvas, and duck cloth.
Can also be used on vinyl and leather.
1.5 oz
10" x 10 yd. Roll

OESD AquaMesh WashAway Stabilizer
Use any time there is a need for the stabilizer to be completely removed from the embroidered item.
An opaque mesh water-soluble stabilizer made of starch.
Rinses out easily with warm running water.
Perfect for creating freestanding lace, cutwork, and reverse appliqu.
Ideal to use on sheer or lightweight fabrics such as batiste.
Resists drying out or absorbing moisture, however, Wash Away stabilizers tend to stiffen with exposure to the air, so they should be stored in sealed bags like the Zippered Polyweave
Pattern Pouch!
1.2 oz
10" x 10 yd. Roll

OESD Heat2Go Topping Specialty Stabilizer
Some embroidery projects require a specialty stabilizer to reach their full potential.
A medium weight clear film that can be used as a topper or stabilizer for specialty applications
Easily removed without distorting even delicate stitches
The perfect topping for moisture-sensitive fabrics
A permanent solution to hold lofty fabric fibers in place under embroidery, such as towels, corduroy, velvet, wool, and fleece
For use on all fabrics that can tolerate ironing temperatures between 260-300F (120-140C) or cotton setting on most irons
Touch with an iron or move iron back and forth to melt this heat away stabilizer may form small balls which are easily brushed away
12" x 10 yd. Roll

Zippered Polyweave Pattern Pouch
Ideal for storing WashAway and Fusible stabilizers, as they tend to stiffen with exposure to the air
One waterproof and moisture-proof poly weave plastic mesh zipper pouch.
Smooth, strong, and durable metal zippered closure for easy access.
Easily identify stored contents inside transparent pouch without opening.
Also ideal for sewing, quilting, arts, crafts, puzzles, school, office, and travel.
12" x 16"

What makes OESD stabilizers different
OESD stabilizers are developed by our team of embroidery experts with many years experience in both commercial and home embroidery.
Each stabilizer is thoroughly tested for quality and ease of use before it is given the OESD name.
OESD stabilizers do not stretch in any direction, ensuring good quality embroidery, even on knits.
You will notice the high quality and consistency of OESD stabilizers, as well as their versatility for a variety of projects.
OESD stabilizers are designed to be the foundation on which you can build quality embroidery!
All OESD stabilizers are made with a non-directional process, which means they are equally strong in all directions because of this, it does not matter which direction you cut or hoop your stabilizer, as there is no grain to the material. For tearaway stabilizers, this non-directional feature also means that the stabilizer will tear evenly in all directions.

Different stabilizers are made to work with various applications. Many factors go into selecting the correct stabilizer, such as:
Fabric choice: the weight and type of fabric
Design density: how many stitches the design has over a given area
How the project will be embroidered: can the project be hooped
The desired finished result: whether the back of the embroidery shows, or will the stabilizer show through the fabric

How do I store stabilizer
Since most stabilizers look alike, store them in the original packaging or clearly marked bags.
Fusible and WashAway stabilizers tend to stiffen with exposure to the air, so they should be stored in sealed bags like the Zippered Polyweave Pattern Pouch!
OESD stabilizer rolls are wrapped in cellophane with a paper label wrapped around the outside of stabilizer.
After removing the cellophane wrapping, roll up the label and insert it into the stabilizer roll.

As seen on Stitch it! Sisters program 304: Stabilizer Smarts Video
Join Deanna Springer and her guest Karie Coffey, Director of Marketing & Education for Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design OESD for this fun sewing tutorial video! Follow along as they share an assortment of Machine Embroidery Stabilizers including, CutAways, TearAways, WashAways, and Topping Stabilizers.

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